Attendance Policy

There are probably no factors more important to a student’s progress in school than regular and punctual attendance. School board policy 5200 defines student attendance as follows.

  1. School Attendance – Students are to be counted in attendance only if they are actually present for at least two (2) hours of the day or engaged in a school-approved educational activity which constitutes a part of the instructional program for the student.
  2. Class Attendance – Students are to be counted in attendance if they are physically present in class for at least half of the class period, have been excused by the teacher on a class-related assignment, or have been requested by a member of the school support staff for an approved school activity.
  3. Tardiness – A student is considered tardy if they are not present at the moment the school bell rings for the class assigned. NOTE: If a student is not present when attendance is taken but is present later in the school day, that student must be considered in attendance, but tardy, and the absence should be changed. A student who is tardy should never remain on record as being absent.
  4. Early Sign-outs – No student shall be released within the final thirty (30) minutes of the school day unless authorized by the principal or principal’s designee (i.e., emergency, sickness).

Excused Absences

An excused absence is defined as:

  1. Personal illness of the student
  2. Medical appointment
  3. Death in immediate family
  4. An approved school activity
  5. Other absences with prior approval of the Principal
  6. Attendance at a center under Department of Children and Families supervision
  7. Significant community events with prior permission of the Principal
  8. Observance of a religious holiday or service
  9. Military Connected Students
  10. Non-School sponsored event or educational enrichment activity, as determined and approved by the Principal
  11. Court appearance of the student.
  12. Outdoor suspensions
  13. Other individual student absences beyond the control of the parent or student, as determined and approved by the Principal.

Unexcused Absences

Unexcused absences include absences due to:

  1. Vacations, personal services, local non-school event, program or sporting activity.
  2. Older students providing day care services for siblings.
  3. Illness of others.
  4. Non-compliance with immunization requirements (unless lawfully exempted).

A student accumulating ten (10) or more class unexcused absences in an annual course or five (5) or more class unexcused absences in a designated semester course may have quarterly, semester and final grade(s) withheld pending an administrative screening and completion of assigned interventions by the Attendance Review Committee.

Unexcused absences shall not be grounds for suspension from school but may result in detention or placement in existing alternative programs.